A Photograph, a Print, a Folded Book

the interconnectedness of one to the other

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left to right Away, the photograph, 1999, Away, the story, 2008,  Away, the book. 2008

The photograph was taken around 1999 on a cross-country train trip with my grandchildren.  Also at this time, influenced by the children playing,  I wanted to make a book based on a children’s game.  As I was producing other work at this time I did not return to this idea until 2008.  The book was a folded page called a fortun=teller.  This is a familiar form made by children to predict the future.

The photograph led me to imagine a story about a child travelling alone and how none of us can predict what will happen to us,  This led to the graphic setup for the book. This graphic has a double purpose - both a print and a book  When the print is folded it becomes the book; the story revealed through the interactive play with another and the idea of randomness reinforced in the form of a fortun-teller..