The Scent of Leaves in Summer, 2016

H 21.6cm X L 30.0cm closed

H 21.6cm X L 90cm open

Arches, paper, cover Arches

edition 3

it was

by chance we met, le parc Marguerite Bourgeoys

green space

developed before her birth

those flats

she lived in when she was seven, nearby

the park

was the same, yet not, she said

apparently there

had been a bandstand, seats

we walked

along the path, our shadows touching

she sat

out of necessity

her stories

of her childhood: a lone child among younger

   siblings, fear, dogs, detour around them to feel safe,

   she never did

movie night

in the park everyone sauntering in one direction

that sound

is a dog barking? yes, she had a dog

behind her

the swish of a frisbee, boys jumping through air

newly planted


we talked

between breaths in concentric circles

in winter

I don’t think of snow falling, she said

I remember

the scent of leaves in summer