photo : Jessica Blair

haiku : Joyce Ryckman

Moonlight Haiku,

Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto, Ontario, 2020

nothing stirs

the whiteness on the windows

this morning

hanging clouds

their pale shadows


caligraphy + drawing : Ion Cadrescu

haiku : Joyce Ryckman

The Wanderer Brush

Ion Codrescu,, Red Moon Press, Virginia, U.S.A.,2020

beads clicking

how many mantras

before enlightenment

smoke from my candle

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2020

Aurora Borealis

not only birds

fly above the trees

at the water’s edge

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2019


amid  the tributes

a paper crane

Gift of Silence, A Haiku Tribute to Leonard,

Éditions des petits nuages, Ottawa, Ontario, 2018

at the hospital entrance—

winter sunrise

in the taxi’s mirror

a far galaxy

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2018

a sideways glance—

one strawberry plant


in midsummer

everyone shivering

around the fire

children's laughter

amidst the ruins

flourishing grass


Haiku Canada 40 years of haiku, 2017

these ghosts in the forest—

a lost generation



Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2016

first salmon shared

the bones

return to the river

comparing tattoos

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2015

branch to branch

a sparrow


Painting Sunlight, A Trilingual Canadian Haiku Anthology

Wah, Ottawa, Ontario, 2015

You tell me everyone is leaving on different ships. I note that you are one whose footprints step slowly across the sea-dunes. Your thoughts uncomplicated as you do not censure the edges of now and to-come.  You insist that you have preserved everything.  Images emerge, especially of your father humming Bolero; your twin sisters shifting in unison to the beat. I wonder how do you understand the default place?  Migration?  Immigration?  In America you write to me—this is what it means to dip my fingers into the waves.  I’m touching home.

edited poem

Big Splash, network poetico

Caterina Davinio, Anthology / Installation, 2015

yellow-leafed morning

the sunniest spot


WAH Bilingual Haiku Journal, Vol. 1, No.3,

Punjabi Haiku Fioaum, Ottawa, Ontario, 2014


gobbles sunbeam

spider silk

WAH Bilingual Haiku Journal, Vol. 1, No.2,

Punjabi Haiku Fioaum, Ottawa, Ontario, 2014

black ink—

her name on a list

in a shelter

horses’ hooves

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2013